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The Beatrice Bain Research Group welcomes donations to support critical feminist research. Consider making an unrestricted gift, or give to support a particular program of interest:

Giving Opportunities:

Sponsor a Visiting Scholar
The BBRG accepts approximately 15 scholars-in-residence annually. Providing financial support to the Affiliated Scholars would attract a wider range of applicants and make it possible to define a thematic focus for the Affiliated Scholars Program each year.

Support Undergraduate and Graduate Research in Gender Studies
As our public university system goes through tough financial times, it becomes increasingly critical to offer students paid opportunities to conduct high-level research and enrich their educational experience. The BBRG, with key financial support, could offer both undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to lead supervised research projects in the area of feminist studies.

Support our Lecture Series
BBRG brings to the UCB campus internationally known scholars and junior scholars from any and all disciplines, working on issues of women and gender.

These lectures draw large interdisciplinary audiences of UC Berkeley and other faculty, graduate students and community members. In addition, BBRG co-sponsors, with a wide range of departments, dozens of lectures, conferences, symposia and colloquia by prominent researchers working on gender issues. As co-sponsor, BBRG helps defray the costs incurred by the other departments, assists in organizing and producing events, and perhaps most significantly, insures a large and diverse audience that generates discussion across disciplinary lines.

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