The Beatrice Bain Research Group (BBRG) is the University of California,
Berkeley’s critical feminist research center.

Established in 1986 to support and coordinate feminist scholarship across disciplines, the BBRG fosters research on gender and women, and is particularly interested in enabling research on gender in its intersections with sexuality, race, class, nation, religion, postcoloniality and transnational feminisms.

To meet the needs of its various constituencies, the BBRG engages in a range of activities. These include:

The BBRG is the main research program within the Department of Gender & Women's Studies.

BBRG is a member of the Gender Consortium at UC Berkeley.

Contact us at bbrg [at] berkeley.edu to be added to our email list.



Applications are being accepted for the Affiliated Scholars Program.

The Gender & Women's Studies Department also hosts visiting scholars who have active collaborations in place with faculty members.


New book by Scholar-in-Residence Lisa Bloom: Climate Change and the New Polar Aesthetics
Book review by ArtHist.

New book by Scholar-in-Residence Natasha Distiller:  Complicities: A theory for subjectivity in the psychological humanities

New book by Scholar-in-Residence Theresa Geller:  Reframing Todd Haynes: Feminism's Indelible Mark

“Planetary precarity and feminist environmental art practices in Antarctica” for the Journal of Postcolonial Writing (Taylor and Francis), by Lisa Bloom.

Article by Marisol Cárdenas, Metaphorical Ethnography: Women’s Voices “Stitched” in a Ritual Aesthetic of Childhood, Journal of the Semiotic Society of America, 2019 (pdf)

Review by Lisa Bloom in the Brooklyn Rail (September 2018). (pdf)

Article by Lisa Bloom, “Hauntological Environmental Art: The Photographic Frame and the Nuclear After-Life of Chernobyl in Lina Selander’s “Lenin’s Lamp.”  Journal of Visual Culture 17 (2).  Fall, 2018. (pdf)

Article by Lisa Bloom, “Antarctica: Feminist Art Practices and Disappearing Polar Landscapes.” Eds., Klaus Dodds, Alan J. Hemmings and Peder Robers, Handbook on the Politics of the Antarctic. (London, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2017), 175-190.

Theresa Geller's X-Files (Wayne University Press, 2016). Book review (March 2018)

Book by Smadar Lavie: "Wrapped in the Flag of Israel: Mizrahi Single Mothers and Bureaucratic Torture"

      Smadar Lavie interview with Jadaliyya
      Book review in Jordan Times

Book by Doris Leibetseder: "Queer Tracks: Subversive Strategies in Rock and Pop Music"

Article by Doris Leibetseder: "Fem(me) Tracks: Queer Fem(me)inist Strategies of Resistance in Rock and Pop Music, from Angie Reed to Denice Fredriksson"

Articles by Tamara Lea Spira: “Neoliberal Transitions: The Santiago General Cemetery and the Affective Economies of Counter-Revolution” 

Article by Liedeke Plate: (pdf) How to Do Things with Literature in the Digital Age: Anne Carson's Nox, Multimodality, and the Ethics of Bookishness

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