Saskia Stachowitsch

Saskia.stachowitsch [at]
Senior Research Fellow, and Lecturer
University of Vienna
Appointment Dates:
(Sep 1, 2016 – Nov 30, 2016)
Research Project:
The commodification of security as a gendered and racialized project
My research looks at privatization of military and security functions as a gendered and racialized political process in neoliberalism. I combine feminist state theories and feminist international relations (with focus on global political economy and security studies) to highlight how security outsourcing initiates new interactions between the state and global markets and thereby rearranges gendered and racialized power relations with regards to labor divisions, policy, and discursive representations. Through shifts in the public/private divide, privatization transforms, but does not dissolve the historical nexus between security provision, the nation-state, citizenship, and masculinity. Rather, idealized ‘Western’ masculinities (e.g. business, militarized, humanitarian) are diversified, while the security industry heavily relies on feminized and racialized workers from the Global South for cheap labor. My current project develops this research further by examining the gendered and racialized implications of privatization and transnationalization in European (border) security regimes. 
I am a political scientist, senior research fellow, and lecturer at the University of Vienna. My research areas include feminist international relations, security studies, and global political economy, gender and the military, as well as gender and private security. Recent publications are “The Reconstruction of Masculinities in Global Politics: Gendering Strategies in the Field of Private Security”, Men and Masculinities (2014);  “Military Privatization as a Gendered Process: A Case for Integrating Feminist International Relations and Feminist State Theories”, in Maya Eichler (ed.) Gender and Private Security in Global Politics, Oxford University Press (2015). “Everyday Matters in Global Private Security Supply Chains: A Feminist Global Political Economy Perspective on Gurkhas in Private Security”, Globalizations (2016, with Amanda Chisholm).