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Bina Pradhan


Project: Development of Inclusive Macroeconomic Framework: Gender Equity

This project evolved out of my academic and practical experiences of working towards promotion of women in development to be counted as agents of and significant contributors to development. Women’s work remains invisible and they have been excluded from the main frame development despite efforts to make them inclusive. The main purpose of this study is to: a) develop an inclusive macroeconomic framework for engendering development from agency and structural perspectives; and b) use findings to rethink theories and policies in macroeconomics and feminist scholarship in the universities with an aim to influence the ways macroeconomic models of development are used for inclusive development. The basic premise of this research is that, divergent to the economic “wisdom” that traditionally dismissed gender roles/relationships as “non-economic” and irrelevant to the study of macroeconomics, gender is central to our understanding of the economy and development of income/employment, economic growth and poverty reduction. The methodology used is quantitative and qualitative analysis of the economic data base, Nepal Living Standard Survey (NLSS) 2004 and National Labour Force Survey 1998/99 and 2008, from Nepal using statistical tools and techniques. The findings and insights from the study is expected to contribute to the development of innovative approaches in macroeconomics and feminist economics in the universities, as well as foster links between universities and the development/aid professionals in the government, I/NGOs and donor agencies.


Bina Pradhan has a PhD in Population and Development (PDP) from Cornell University with a multidisciplinary background in rural sociology, economics, gender studies, anthropology and international development in agriculture. Currently she is affiliated to Alliance for Development Alternatives (AFDA), a private non profit research agency, as Gender, Population, and Development Specialist, proactively engaged in promoting reproductive health and rights of women, engendering macroeconomics, pro-poor development strategy with gender justice, gender management system (GMS) towards transformational change, and post conflict transformation for gender and social equity/equality. She served as Technical Adviser in the Gender Management Committee under National Planning Commission (NPC)/GON for introducing GMS to mainstream gender and women’s empowerment in Nepal. She also served as Adviser to the Social Development Sector/NPC, GON in the preparation of the National Three Year Interim Plan (TYIP) for post conflict reconstruction, rebuilding, reintegration, and rehabilitation, March 2007-February 2008. Engagement with NPC resulted in policy documents on GMS and engendering macroeconomic policy for TYIP.

Pradhan is elected member of the Governing Council of Society of International Development/Rome (SID) and a member of the National Chapter and has actively contributed in strengthening the Chapter as well as establishing links with the SID international and South Asia regional net work (SID-SAN) in the promotion of reproductive health, rights and gender concerns in development and conflict transformation from the perspective of gender and social inclusion. She is an active Member of the Regional Task Force for WHRAP/Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.