Vivian Chavez

Associate Professor of Health Education
San Francisco State University
Appointment Dates:
(Aug 16, 2017 – May 11, 2018)
Research Project:
Remembering the Body: Feminist Pedagogy & Cultural Humility as a Life/Art process
This study explores the role of feminist pedagogy within expressive arts Tamalpa training to teach public health and develop cultural humility.  The researcher, a Tamalpa graduate, will conduct participant observation to examine principles & practices, fundamental assumptions and values. In particular, (1) power-relations and hierarchy; (2) experience as a resource; (3) collaborative leadership (4) community building; and (5) cross-cultural transformative learning. The Tamalpa Institute is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that offers expressive arts training for healing, education, and social transformation. The Life/Art process is the corner stone of Tamalpa’s training program.  Cultural humility includes a lifelong commitment to critical self-reflection, redressing power imbalances, and developing mutually respectful community partnerships.
Vivian is a certified yoga teacher, Tamalpa practitioner and Associate Professor of Health Education at San Francisco State University.  Her eclectic background in public health, community organizing and expressive arts is rooted in spirituality.  Her passion is to develop embodied leaders that understand health through an exploration of identity, power and privilege.  A storyteller by nature, she co-edited Prevention is Primary: Strategies in Community Wellbeing, co-authored Drop That Knowledge: Youth Radio Stories, translated Media Advocacy into Spanish and produced the documentary Cultural Humility: People, Principles & Practices.