Marisol Cardenas Onate

Universidad Nacional de Educación, Ecuador
Appointment Dates:
(Apr 4, 2017 – Apr 3, 2018)
Research Project:
Ethnographic Sculptures: narrative alternatives to voice
I want to research narratives alternative to voice, such as I called ethnographic sculptures, which is a way metaphorical knit life stories while women prepare a creative production example of this is a rag doll (a soft sculpture) which serves a model that symbolizes her childhood.  My project intends to generate polices of reproductive health that give women the power to decide over their bodies from the emotional and intuitive argue, not only by normative of institutional control law. It will can to help to abolish gender violence because empower women with critical positions since her intimate memories (which remember and appreciate to efforts of her mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc.) their own wishes and will help over all to generate live projects.  I find out that his idea will can development in various afro communities’ women of some countries. I propose articulate a corpus cartographic with method metaphorical ethnology. I had done fieldwork in the Chota Valley, Ecuador, Cuba and in State of California (Oakland city). This research propose inter and trans disciplinary dialogism from the link art objet as metaphorical body for review childhood stories about physical, mental and spiritual health on adult women of today.   
Dr. Cardenas Onate has a bachelor's degree in History of Art from the University of Havana; a Master's in Social Anthropology from the National School of Anthropology and History, Mexico; and a PhD in Social Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco in the speciality of Women and Relationships of Gender. She has been a University Professor in Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, and has been awarded scholarships in these countries and more recently in Portugal and India. She does extensive work in what is called “the ritual aesthetics” category in complexity that has been cited and applied in her thesis and books.  Dr. Cardenas Onate is a Curator and Ethnographer of alternative and independent art, and has delivered seminars on visual semiotics, aesthetic anthropology and critical intercultural and decoloniality with articles published in international journals. She is founding member of the Seminar of Discourse Analysis and Semiotics of Culture of the National School of Anthropology and History in Mexico.  Currently her research aligns with spirituality, women, and popular art amongst women in Latin America of African descent.