Lisa Bloom

lebloom [at]
Scholar in Residence
Beatrice Bain Research Group
Appointment Dates:
(Aug 16, 2018 – May 17, 2019)
Research Project:
Polar Aesthetics in the Anthropocene: Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis
I am continuing my research this year on my book Polar Aesthetics in the Anthropocene: Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis (Duke University Press) that examines aspects of feminist and environmentalist art in relation to new scholarship of the polar regions, bringing together issues routinely kept apart in climate change debates such as connecting gender, race, and sexuality to nationalism, fossil-fuel capitalism, and post-colonialism; and bringing back into discussion the way the polar regions have been a longstanding space of fantasy imagining utopian and dystopian possible futures through science fiction. It draws on a range of representations within contemporary art and visual culture ((agitational direct action, critical performance art, photography, site-specific work, web pseudo-documentaries, and various combinations) to focus on disappearing landscapes that minor subjects (female, non-white and indigenous) make visible.
Lisa E. Bloom is the author of Gender on Ice: American Ideologies of Polar Expeditions (1993, U. of Minnesota Press), the first critical feminist and postcolonial cultural studies book on the polar regions.  Her other books include the anthology With Other Eyes: Looking at Race and Gender in Visual Culture (University of Minnesota Press,1999) that examines how multiculturalism and feminism influenced the arts. Her second book Jewish Identities in U.S. Feminist Art: Ghosts of Ethnicity. (Routledge, London, 2006) addresses the veiled role of Jewishness in the understanding of feminist art in the United States. More recently, she has written extensively on the polar regions in the environmental humanities and is currently finishing a book titled Polar Aesthetics in the Anthropocene: Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis (Duke UP).