Eun Min Park

Associate Professor in Counseling Psychology
Dongshin University
Appointment Dates:
(Jan 16, 2017 – Jul 15, 2017)
Research Project:
A Qualitative Research into the Life Experience Perceptions of Multicultural Korea American Female Juveniles
Korean American female juveniles experince more problems than other ethnic female juveniles. Despite the increase in number of Korean American female juveniles, very little is known about the problems and difficulties they face in Korea. In particular, there have been very few empirical and theoretical researches that examine an understanding of the life experience perceptions among Korean American female juveniles.  The development of Korean American female juveniles and their experiences in the U.S. is a complex situation. Because, unlike other female juveniles in mainsteam society, they gave to balance three distinct styles: Korean, American, and juvenile cultures.  This research aims to explore the life experience perceptions and the attempt to udnerstand multicultural Korean American female juveniles.  I would like to gain an understanding of Korean Americans female juveniles from an unbiased perspective and recognize the cultural differences. I expect that the result will provide some useful information about how to support the multicultural Korean American juveniles counseling policy and acommpanying plans.