Scholar Directory


Marisol Cardenas Onate
Universidad Nacional de Educación, Ecuador
Ethnographic Sculptures: narrative alternatives to voice
(Apr 4, 2017 – Apr 3, 2018)
Jayati Lal
jlal [at] berkeley [dot] edu
BBRG Scholar in Residence
Neoliberal Imaginaries: Commodity Culture, Aspirational Economies and Narratives of New Middle Class Selves and Genders in Urban India
(Aug 16, 2016 – Aug 15, 2017)

Chau Hoi Shuen Scholars-in-Residence

Qin Li
school of Political Science
Wuhan University
The Ongoing Public Discursive Construction of Sexual Violence in Contemporary Mainland China
(Feb 5, 2017 – May 4, 2017)

Affiliated Scholars

Theresa Geller
theresa [dot] geller [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Associate Professor of Film Theory and History
Grinnell College, Iowa
Modes of Entrustment
(Jan 10, 2017 – May 12, 2017)
Young Hee Kwon
yhkwon [at] uos [dot] ac [dot] kr
Professor in English Literature
University of Seoul
Becoming a “White” Body: Beauty, Class, and Postcolonial Social Affect in Korea
(Aug 10, 2016 – Feb 9, 2017)
Greta LaFleur
Assistant Professor, Department of American Studies
Yale University
Of History and Habit: Early American Execution Narratives and the Historiography of Sexuality, 1720-1784
(May 1, 2016 – Aug 15, 2016)
Lena McQuade
Associate Professor
Women's and Gender Studies, Sonoma State University
The Santa Fe Maternal Health Center (1937-1945)
(Jan 31, 2017 – Jan 31, 2017)
Eiko Ohira
ohira [at] tsuru [dot] ac [dot] jp
Professor of English
Tsuru University
Rabindranath Tagore’s Women with a Desiring Gaze
(Oct 1, 2016 – Nov 30, 2016)
Eun Min Park
Associate Professor in Counseling Psychology
Dongshin University
A Qualitative Research into the Life Experience Perceptions of Multicultural Korea American Female Juveniles
(Jan 16, 2017 – Jul 15, 2017)
Judy Rohrer
jrohrer [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Assistant Professor in Diversity & Community Studies
Western Kentucky University
White Lives: Made to Matter
(Jan 10, 2017 – May 12, 2017)
Saskia Stachowitsch
Saskia [dot] stachowitsch [at] univie [dot] ac [dot] at
Senior Research Fellow, and Lecturer
University of Vienna
The commodification of security as a gendered and racialized project
(Sep 1, 2016 – Nov 30, 2016)